Aristotle's philosophy on why people enjoy viewing tragedies

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Aristotle's Philosophy regarding why People enjoy viewing Tragedies. The word Tragedy can be applied to a genre of literature. It can mean any serious and dignified drama that describes a conflict between the hero (protagonist) and a superior force (destiny, chance, society, god) and reaches a sorrowful conclusion that arouses pity or fear in the audience. From this genre comes the concept of tragedy, a concept which is based on the possibility that a person …

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…limitlessness of intelligence. Their involvement of human heroes and heroines that make human mistakes interests attracts the attention of the audience. Their extremely emotional conclusion only adds to emphasizing the radical point of view of the author. Aristotle's philosophy on Tragedies is both fascinating and accurate. His key points: the intricacy of tragedies, and the build up and release of emotions have proven to be and apparently will always be enticing constituents of audiences worldwide.