Aristotle on virtue

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Aristotle's Views on Virtue Aristotle explains virtue by first explaining what things are found in the soul. He says that the soul has three things-passions, faculties, and states of character, and virtue must be one of these. Passions are things such as anger, fear, longing, and joy. Faculties are the act of becoming angry, frightened, etc. Finally, state of character is how we cope with those passions. An example of this can be made with …

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…This can be applied to his four causes. The four causes are material, formal, efficient, and final. These four things are what go into making something good. The material is the actual contents, formal is what form it will take, efficient is the means in how you do it, and lastly, the final is the purpose of creating it in the first place. If all of this goes well, then the outcome will be excellence.