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By most accounts Aristophanes was the greatest comic writer of his day. On his shoulders alone rests an entire age of comedy. By the time Aristophanes began to write his comedies, the people of Athens were increasingly demoralized by the ongoing conflicts of the Peloponnesian War. That is why in most of his plays there are tones of apprehension and grief. Lysistrata was written twenty-one years into the Peloponnesian War. Although the play is light-hearted, …

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…war or take over Acropolis. But the point that Aristophanes was trying to make was that women were capable of intellectual, political, and philosophical thought, and their views should have been taken seriously. They cared about the welfare of their city and they wanted to see their city thrive. This play is a timeless classic and it survived thousands of years and it can still fit in our lives today. To me that is amazing.