Aristophanes and Plautus

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Aristophanes and Plautus From the beginning of time women have been seen as inferior to men. Since creation to present day, females have been denied rights, mistreated and held unaccountable for complex thought and reasoning. The views of women held by the citizens of each historical period and generation has been depicted in the literature from that time. The role of the women in the Bible was to be manís helper and this idea …

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…outlook on women of their time. Both reveal in their plays that women were inferior to men and were considered their servants and unintelligent. However, by looking at Aristophanesí play Lysistrata, he reveals another side of women not seen in Plautusí works, one of intelligence, worth, and bravery. Perhaps the women did advance in their relations with men from the time of Aristophanes to Plautus, but it is not evident in their works. ------------------------------------------------------------------------ **Bibliography**