Arguments by Linda Schaffer and Lynn White Jr. On the early development of south asia and a theory on westernization and the ecosystem crisis.

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In The Historical Roots of Our Ecological Crisis, Lynn White Jr. argues in almost excruciating detail that our current ecological crisis is a direct result of the Christianity mindset that nature is here to serve man. He begins with a story told by Aldous Huxley in which a valley that Huxley visited as a child was now overgrown with brush because the rabbits that kept the growth under control were dying of a disease introduced …

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…of man's constant drive for efficiency and its evolution into a capitalistic, environmentally unfriendly corporate structure? Both of the essays make sense and can be better understood by comparison rather than contrast. They work together in painting a history of man and his achievements and errors. I do think that their answers to the common question would be quite different as their main contention is what the result of culture spreading and technology developing is.