Argumentative paper: Why there should be NO ban on gay marriage

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As American citizens we are told we all have the same rights. Of course, some restrictions are placed on minors, such as alcohol and driving laws, which are enforced for precautionary measures. Homosexuals, on the other hand, are being denied one of the most basic rights that have transcended from generation to generation, culture to culture: the right to marry. Robee VanNorman, a gay Unitarian minister in New York, said, "My partner cannot get the …

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…the ones fought in the name of Africa American rights and women's suffrage; one group of people believes they are superior, and in this self-righteous judgment they decide that they are entitled to creating laws to govern others. Of course this is not a perfect world and there will always be people that look down on others that do not share the same beliefs. However, in the words of Andrew Sullivan, "Disapproval needn't mean disrespect."