Are Smaller Classes Beneficial

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Commentary: Are smaller classes beneficial? We all know what it feels like. Everyone hates it when his or her arm goes numb. Why do students' arms go numb? Contrary to popular belief, it is not from sniffing white out or permanent markers. Numb arms are a common result of raising your hand for an extended period of time. Wouldn't it be nice if America's children could avoid numb arms and receive the attention they deserve …

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…money and authority to decide for themselves. There are small rural high schools out there with a student: teacher ratio, 17:1, that doesn't need to be reduced. All will be right with the world when there isn't a numb arm in any classroom again! Works Cited Page Cooper, Richard T. "Education; A Call to Focus on Techniques of Teaching." Los Angeles Times 22 Sept. 1999: B2+ Wasserman, Joanne. "No Room to Improve." New York Daily News 4 Oct. 1999: A6+