Are Blacks too Cool for the Web

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Do less blacks than their fellow white Americans use the web? According to the Pew Study on Internet Usage , the answer is yes, but this study is also quick to point out that it’s not merely color, it’s a mixture of things. However, according to Leonce Gaiter , author of Is the Web too Cool for Blacks, “the web mocks…our fundamental beliefs, our core desires. (p 643)” Gaiter flatly states that the majority of …

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…be to lower the price of computers and to make Web access cheap and accessible, so that everyone will have the opportunity to advance technologically. If this problem is taken care of, more blacks and other minorities will take advantage of the web. Everyone deserves the change to see what the web has to offer. When people can get past their differences and see the potential this has to offer, life will explode with possibilities!