Appeasement and its role in the build up of WW2

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The term appeasement is used to describe the response of Western European governments to the expansionist activities of Germany and Italy under Hitler and Mussolini in the 1930s. Their attitude to give them what they wanted to prevent a war in Central Europe. The underlying facts was the belief of British and French politicians that their publics would never risk a repetition of the horrors of World War I. The British government believed in appeasement …

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…As Germany invaded the Poland, Chamberlain led Great Britain into the war against the aggressor. From this one can say that after Hitler had broken the pact, and showed that his honour was not to be counted on there was no other solution. The appeasement politics had to be abandoned to save their own skins and the souls of the poor people of Europe being gulped up by Hitlers Nazi-Germany on a full charge ahead.