Aphrodite of Knidos

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Aphrodite of Knidos The boldest undertaking by the sculptor Praxiteles c. 350-340bc., is Aphrodite of Knidos as opposed to Apollo Saraktonos. It was original and daring, breaking free from the traditional Polykleitan model. Aphrodite of Knidos in the nude is incredibly sensual and erotic. Praxiteles captures Aphrodite in a private moment just before bath and her expressional face shows her reaction to being caught. The statue is fresh, a new and sexy style that …

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…personís pathos rather than a citizenís ethos. She is more important than Apollo Sauroktonos because she has a greater impact to art. Though both Apollo and Aphrodite are not in traditional contrapposto and are classical pathos statues, Aphrodite by far is more important. Her nudity is perhaps the boldest achievement by Praxitales. The impact it has on Praxitalesí age and future periods is what makes her so central to Hellenistic art. ------------------------------------------------------------------------ **Bibliography**