Antigone by David Greene

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THE QUALITIES OF CREON As readers, we have to make judgments and interpretations of different characters. In the book, Antigone, translated by David Greene, there is a character by the name of Creon. While reading Antigone, some important descriptions about Creon become apparent. He views himself as the perfect leader, believes he is always correct, and wants control over people. Creon believes he is the only perfect ruler for Thebes. He believes that he can …

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…himself. He is under the impression that he is a great ruler and will improve Thebes although he ends up doing the opposite. In addition, Creon believes he is always correct even if he isnít. Another characteristic of Creon is that he wants to be in authority and expects loyalty from everyone. Creon is obviously an over- confident and dominating figure that needs to readjust his view of life and his role in society.