Antigone 3

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"Frailty is thy name woman!" Taken from this line reflects a common misconception about women. According to some, the sole purpose and duty of a woman is to serve her husband and look pretty. Her voice is not heard. Her thoughts are not taken into consideration. Her virtue and intellect are not respected. A woman is the "effect" of the "cause" that is man. The women in the Oedipus Trilogy are depicted in such a …

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…unwomanlike challenge to Creon's authority. When encountered with his son, Haemon's defiance to his father, Creon proclaimed him a "woman's slave," a man unfortunately sided with a woman. According to Creon, this act was close to, if not already, commitinf a sin. In conclusion, the bold, tradition-braking character of Antigone clearly clashed with the ovepowered, male dominant personality of Creon. This collision of character gave rise to the conflict between the sexes in Sophocles' "Antigone."