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Antigone "Is he not my brother, and yours, wether you like it or not? I shall never desert him, never." Antigone strongly stands for what she believes in. Because of different personalites and beliefs, many unfortunate events occur in the play, Antigone, by Sophocles. Although Antigone and Ismene love and support each other as sisters, each of them have differnt values and viewpoints. Antigone is known for her strong positive beliefs. In the story, Sophocles …

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…a stronger woman now because of all of the turbulence she faced, and all that she had suffered. Antigone and Ismene are similar in a couple of ways. They are both daughters of Oedipus, and they both try to do what they believe is right. In conclusion, the two sister's were crushed by Creon, yet they were winners in spirit, in their determination , they died together, as one. Nobility shall live in their hearts forever.