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It is true that all human beings are guided, controlled, or motivated by allegiances to some extent, whether it be to God, to the state, and/or to familial love. The play Antigone by Sophacles has many references to this fact. Antigone, the main character in the play, does not survive physically as a result of her choice of loyalties to the gods and her family, but rather she survives in a spiritual sense. Creon, …

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…Teiresias is able to survive through his loyalty to the gods as well as the state, whereas Creon, on the other hand, is an unfortunate man who falls because of his strong will to be loyal to the state, which, in turn, he considers to be himself. All human beings are truly guided, controlled, or motivated by allegiances, to some extent, which either helps them to survive, or makes them stumble and fall. ------------------------------------------------------------------------ **Bibliography**