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Anti-Semitism is hostility or discrimination toward Jews. It has been an issue in the world for thousands of years. Actually German Anti-Semitism first started in the early 1800's. The work that influenced people about Anti-Semitism was "Entdecktes Judentum" (Judaism Unmasked) by Johan Andreas Eisenmenger. This work of his created the conclusion that Jews were of a separate race and were poisonous to society, not human beings and were very dangerous and are life threatening. The …

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…just walk down a street without being caught and captured or killed on the spot. Jews had to adapt to the discrimination and problems they underwent. But somehow, someway they came through it. Some survived some died. I am glad that I never went through that type of discrimination and genocide. Anti-Semitism is still an issue now and probably will stay an issue but not bad as in 's point of view on the issue.