Anthrax as a chemical weapon - How is Australia preparing for a deliberate release of Anthrax? What is Anthrax? What does preparation against Anthrax attacks involve? How dangerous in Anthrax?

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How is Australia preparing for a deliberate release of anthrax? [By Nathania Burrie] [User: TaniaSmartTwit] [November 2001] The Australian health system's level of preparedness for a biological attack has been greatly increased over the past five to 10 years and was particularly increased in the lead-up to the Sydney 2000 Olympic Games Preparation measures include: ·Training within health departments and with other agencies; ·Putting in place medical treatment protocols suitable for a civilian population; ·Ensuring the availability of …

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…properly slaughtered and cooked. For high-risk occupations, such as those exposed to potentially contaminated animal hair, wool or hides, vaccination is recommended. An anthrax vaccine has been licensed for use in humans. The vaccine is reported to be 93% effective in protecting against cutaneous anthrax. Planning for Response to bioterrorism Threats is taking place and the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) are investigating all threats. [By Nathania Burrie] [User: TaniaSmartTwit] [Email:] [November 2001]