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Anthem By: Ayn Rand Collectivism is when the products and wealth are controlled by the government and supposedly distributed evenly among the people. Socialism, commonly known as Communism is based on this idea of collectivism. The people work knowing that whether or not they produce a great or small amount, they will receive the same benefits that they are getting now. This system removes the idea of incentive. Incentive is when people work harder knowing …

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…natural law. An “I” society has competition, and where there is competition, there can be freedom. Ayn Rand uses natural law beliefs to express her feelings of how society was heading towards collectivism. She accomplishes this by telling the story through the eyes of a man who lives in a “We” society but disagrees with their beliefs. This allows the reader to view the positive and negative points of this kind of life. ------------------------------------------------------------------------ **Bibliography**