Annotated bibliography on parole and probation

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Annotated Bibliography Fulton, Betsy, Amy Stichman, Lawrence Travis, and Edward Latessa. "Moderating Probation and Parole Officer Attitudes to Achieve Desired Outcomes." Prison Journal 77.3 (1997): 295-313. CECybrary. ProQuest Database. Allentown Business School, Center Valley, PA. 7 July 2004 <>. This study was an assessment of the role preferences of probation and parole officers and the conflict between control and treatment. It was determined that organizational philosophy is a determinate on officers' attitudes and …

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…play a role in strategies. The study concluded that the probation strategy of law enforcement remains a primary role in probation and parole. The instrument's ability to match officers with functional roles and intervention strategies in varieties of probation settings could assist in training entry-level probation and parole officers in understanding the range of roles, functions and strategies required to perform the job. Accordingly, the research supports the further inquiry designed in this research prospectus.