Annexation In Texas - The Basics

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The legal authority of Texas cities to annex, and the reasons Texas has been a liberal annexer as well as why the pace of annexation has slowed since 1970 are numerous. In retrospect, this paper will discuss and bring to the table some of the finer points of these statements. Annexation was, for a long time, a typical proceeding in Texas. Everything from anthropomorphic ideologies to governmental necessities is typically discussed amongst the municipalities and councils …

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…capital for it. In conclusion, our reproach as far as the liberalism within our annexation is affected is duly noted, considering the times and changes that Texas has undergone since the 1970s. Texas annexation is, as far as Im concerned, generally and typically a good thing in moderation, but thankfully we have the bills that were passed in the 70s that consequently will not allow us to add 200 more kids to the Texas table.