Anne Sullivan: The Miracle Worker, deals with Anne Sullivan's life (from birth to death), her family and friends and her achievements, also talks about Helen Keller and their companionship

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Annie Sullivan: The Miracle Worker If mentioned alone, the name Annie Sullivan might not bring about any knowledge of the individual. It is then when the infamous Helen Keller is referred to that people are able to place Sullivan in history. Annie Sullivan's life story is ultimate proof of how someone can start in the worst of situations and end up completely fulfilled. Sullivan began her life with little family and ended her life blessed …

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…so inspired that she grew from a girl who lost her family, was blind, and unable to read or spell to being valedictorian and teaching Keller how to live a fulfilled life. I found it incredibly interesting how Sullivan and Keller continued their work together until Sullivan's death and constantly battled to better the lives of the blind and deaf. Annie Sullivan is a universal example of how with work, you can achieve absolutely anything.