Anne Frank

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Anne Frank was one of the holocaust most famous victims. Even though she never reached her sixteenth birthday, she left a legacy that is far greater then anyone twice her age. Anne Frank was born on June 12,1929 in Frankfort Germany. Although she was born in Frankfurt, Anne spoke better Dutch then German. She was the second daughter of a well-to-do middle class Jewish family. Margot her sister was three years older then Anne. Anne and …

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…the franks hid out. The last diary entry was entered on August 1st, three days before the arrest. On the morning of August 4,1944 sometime between ten and ten thirty, a car pulled up at 263 Prinsengracht. Many figures emerged from the car into the factory: a SS sergeant, Karl Joseph Silberbauer, in full uniform and at least three Dutch man of the Security Police armed but in civilian clothes. Some one must have tipped them off.