Anne Bradstreet-A Model Puritan Woman.

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Anne Bradstreet-A Model Puritan Woman Anne Bradstreet's poetry epitomized the simplistic, rural, and God-centered way of life central to Puritanical beliefs. Part of these Puritan beliefs were the women's role in society. This role pertains not only to her relationship with her family, but also to the subservient part she must play to the male half of society. Her poetry was centered around the love for her God and family and a very sarcastic view …

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…for God and her family, and beautiful poetry remains unsurpassed by any woman of her time. While her poetry epitomized Puritan values, it also voiced her sentiments to the inherent contradiction in Puritanical beliefs. Although she succumbed to the Puritan way of life, she still recognized that she had a voice whether or not it was heard. Bradstreet devoted her entire life to Christ and her family, which makes her poetry what it is today.