Ann Hutchinson

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Anne Hutchinson Anne Hutchinson challenged the traditional role of women in the Puritan society through her opposing religious beliefs. Anne Hutchinson was most likely not the first woman to have her own thoughts. She was simply the first to act on them. Anne Hutchinson was born on or about July17, 1591 in Alford, Licolnshire, England. She was the daughter of Reverend Francis Marbury. Rev. Marbury spoke out that many of the ordained ministers in the Church …

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…who have true faith againt law. Anne Hutchinson was condemned because she did not fit into the prescribed role of women in her colonial period basically that of having no will or mind of her own. Anne was a free thinker. She wasn't afraid to speak out against t! he church. She was clearly a great leader in the cause of religious toleration in America and the advancement of women in society. --- ------------------------------------------------------------------------ **Bibliography**