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Allen E Period 3 English 2B 2.17.2000 Antigone Essay 4 Itís questionable whether or not Antigone made the right decision by disobeying Creon to bury her brother. I think in part that she made the right decision primarily because those in command aren't always right, lives were at stake, and finally the laws made by the Gods are more important than those made by a king. My first reason supporting Antigone's decision is those in command aren't …

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…In conclusion, I believe that Antigone was right for disobeying Creon. If she didn't Polyneices would be left to wander the earth for all eternity. Others would also be left to wander because of Creon's neglect. Maybe her death came out of her action, but still her strong belief in the laws of the Gods was right. Creon was wrong to have made a law against burying an individual. ------------------------------------------------------------------------ **Bibliography** antigone by: william shakespeare