Animal Imagery and The Women in Everyday Use

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The story “Everyday Use” is written by Alice Walker. “Everyday Use” is narrated by a middle aged black women who has two daughters; Maggie and Dee. Dee is depicted as a smart but ruthless college girl, while Maggie is a sweet but ineffectual homebody. The story frequently discusses animal characteristics that parallel the three female characters; the Mother, Maggie and Dee. The mother as a character is compared to the cow. In the beginning the …

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…understanding of all three women. The animal imagery in prospect to the women allows the reader to assimilate animal characteristics and human characteristics. Since animals and humans have lived together and been an integral part of existing for many years, it allows for a better understanding of the characters present in this story. Alice Walker has written a meaningful, captivating and unique story. Works Cited Page Alice Walker.”Everyday Use”, in English 024 Course Anthology, 149-152.