"Animal Farm" by George Orwell. States how the animals contributed to animal farm

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Animal Farm In the story by George Orwell there are two types of animals: the leaders and the followers. Both contribute to the animal farm society. If there were no animals who would listen to Napoleon, he would cease to be ruler. Napoleon showed some strong leadership skills at the beginning of his career, but when power overcame him, he became a weak leader. We can relate this to today's times and know from personal …

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…to him that he devoted himself to worshiping man's possessions. In this story, I believe that Napoleon's characteristics were so much related to that of a man's, that he soon came to believe he was a man. George Orwell did a great job relating this story to our world and our problems today. Leaders and followers contribute to the society, so we must do our part as followers and listen carefully to our trusted leaders.