Andrew Marvell's To His Coy Mistress

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The Non-Discriminatory Nature of Time in Andrew Marvellís ďTo His Coy MistressĒ Time passes. Its journey is oblivious to power, weakness, beauty, or mercy. The nature of time itself lies in its unrelenting progression through life, until we are removed from itís favor and then wither and die. The purpose of most carpe diem poetry is to draw a characterís attention (usually the female) to the pressing nature of timeís progress, …

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…desire to take advantage of life and challenge timeís passing by rushing and packing any available time with favorable experiences and passionate memories. In essence, these two extrapolated connotations do not differ in their intended messages. The former suggests the specific actions that the latter commends to be ideal. Marvellís use of language, diction, and tone successfully weaves the immediate goals of carpe diem philosophy with the extended ideologies that such poetry implies.