Andrew Jackson

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Although racist equality was rarley enforced by the United States gorvenment in the past, Andrew Jackson reformulated the unwritten guidelines of Indian relations. For one of the first times in the short American history, the intolerance for Indian "savages" became apparent. The authority of the Persident over the congress also manifested. In 1791, President Washington made the Treaty of Holston with the Cherokees. In this, he promised "perpetual peace" between the cherokee and America. In return …

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…that Jackson was more concerned with peace between the Indians and America The Cherokee were moved out of their homeland and thousands died, regardless of any good intentions. Henry Clay called Jackson's dealings with the Native Americans a "stain on the nation's honor." While the actual moral concerns of his decisions might be debated, the truth remains that Indian intolarence was not a new thing. Even the hero George Washington abused the Indians' ocasional submissiveness.