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Andrew Carnegie was an intelligent Scottish immigrant that excelled in the steel and oil industries. He provided our country with inexpensive steel that allowed other industries to thrive. Carnegie was also a generous and well-known philanthropist. Andrew Carnegie was born in Dunfermline, Scotland November 25, 1835. His parents, William and Margaret Carnegie, were impoverished iron mill workers. They immigrated to the United States in search of employment and opportunities in 1848. Andrew Carnegie obtained a variety of occupations …

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…his money to educational buildings, libraries, and colleges. He developed the Carnegie Institution of Washington, which provided money to international educational courses. To conclude, Carnegie contributed to American society and the world by developing a method of producing steel assiduously and inexpensively. By developing this product, it allowed for other industries to grow. When he retired his business, he spent the last part of his life contributing to educational endeavors. He died in 1919, at age 84.