Anderw Carnegie, The Bible, and Henry David Thoreau

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Andrew Carnegie's perspective on the relationship between the rich and the poor is quite simple. He believed that there would always be rich and poor and that was a characteristic of the advancement of civilization. "Much better this great irregularity than universal squalor," he says (Carnegie 225). Without this difference between the classes, he believed that we would not be as well situated as far as universal wealth as we are today. He further stated that …

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…entirely different than it is today. I, for one, like the way I live and wouldn't trade it for the world. I can't imagine a world without millionaires and a world without some poor people. I can imagine a world without the destitute, homeless, and starving, though, and a system where the rich become the trustees of the poor and the caretakers of the poor would go long way towards helping to solve those problems.