Ancient Mesopotamia.

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Before the middle of the 19th century the existence of the Sumerian and Babylonian people was not known. The first major excavations took place in 1842. This lead to the discovery of the Sumerian and Babylonian people. The first major archaeological finding were huge temples made of clay bricks. These mountains like structures were like step pyramids rising hundreds of meters above the ground. Archaeologists have found written evidence that these man-made mountains were called Ziggurats …

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…really exist or not is still not known and no written records mentioning the gardens has been found. A German archaeologist studied the Babylonian sites for many years and found foundations measuring 30m by 40m which he believes was the bass of the garden. Archaeologists have played a major role in the discovery of ancient Mesopotamia. They have found hundreds of artifacts and many ancient ruins. Archaeologists are like detectives revealing mysteries from the past.