Ancient Japanese Art

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When I finally got to the museum, I drug my feet a bit at the thought of having to take another art history class and about having to write another art history paper. I flashed my yellow pass and got my clearance to enter. I clamped the DAM purple badge to my oversized jacket and was on my way to the elevator. I donít even like Chinese art work. I staggered around like a …

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…Master leads. Lao-tzu BIBLIOGRAPHY 1999 Grolier Multimedia Encyclopedia Deluxe Edition: Ming Dynasty; Chinese Art and Architecture. Mindscape, 1999. Tse, Lao:, last date updated unknown. Robinson, B.A., Copyright © 1995 to 1999 include., Original publishing date: 1995-JUN-3, Latest update on: 1999 DEC-22. Tzu, Lao; Tao Te Ching, From a translation by S. Mitchell: -, Last updated 20 July 1995