Ancient Egyptian Government

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Ancient Egyptian Government The Egyptians were among the first groups of civilizations formed, and is today one of the world’s oldest continuous civilizations. Egyptian civilization spread throughout the Nile River Valley, and people found that living there provided them with a safe environment. Over time, Egypt was separated into two governments called the Upper Kingdom and the Lower Kingdom. Around 3,100 B.C.E, the ruler of Upper Egypt, Menes, conquered the Lower Kingdom, and …

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…of the Middle East and Africa. After the rule of several pharaohs, Egyptian power slowly declined and foreign invaders conquered the Nile region. Centuries after the decline of the Egyptian empire, Egypt remained a center of learning and culture in the African and Mediterranean worlds. Today, Egypt is an Arab republic. Archaeologists are yet to uncover many of the secrets from Ancient Egypt that will provide more evidence on Ancient Egyptian cultures, beliefs and customs.