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Anarchy: noun. 1. Absence of any form of political authority. 2. Political disorder and confusion. 3. Absence of any cohering principle, as a common standard or purpose. [Greek anarkhia, without a ruler] (American Heritage Dictionary). Anarchy is a political philosophy shrouded in misconception. This misconception is caused by the diversity of the subject of anarchism itself, which cannot be characterized by simple slogans or television plugs. In theory, anarchy provides the most personal freedom for the individual. Anarchy …

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…war, disease, homelessness and lack of education could be abolished forever. Works Cited Pleck, Elizabeth H. "Emma Goldman, Feminist." The Reader's Companion to American History. Edition 1991: 453 Farber, David. Chicago '68. Chicago: The University of Chicago Press 1988 Roediger, Dave & Rosemont, Franklin. Haymarket Scrapbook. Chicago: Charles H. Kerr Publishing, 1986 Speech given in Heretics' Hall, name withheld, 4 April 1997 Brenner, Patrick. Black Rose: A Tribute to Emma Goldman. Chicago: Mother Earth Publishing, 1998 American Heritage Dictionary. New York: Random House 1981