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In the film "The Grass Harp" The developing relationship between two sisters shows the emotional change each goes through . In this, the filmaker passes on the message that love has the power to change and influence people.Verena Talbo starts as a hard, severe and controlling women and Dolly Talbo, a beautiful, shy and radiant spirited presence. But gradually, as their relationship progresses, and they fear losing one another, each learns to change to make …

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…finally hear Dolly's voice. The filmmaker effectivly passes on the message that love has the power to influence and change people. The relationship and love between the two sisters enables Verena to learn that for a relationship to work, there needs to be equality and some giving, and Dolly to learn to become more self-confident and make her own descsions. Dolly was truly eccentric, yet in the end, it was she that teaches Verena everything.