Analysis ofthe play "Spring Awakening", by Frank Wedekind

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Frank Wedekind's play Spring Awakening represents an adult's reflection on childhood, the repercussions of ignorance, and the consequence of inhibiting the spread of knowledge to those without it. Although very brief and lacking in extreme detail, this work has a profound aura; it leaves the reader with thoughts of how things could have resolved themselves better had key characters acted differently. It also gives a sense of the sanctity of youth and the dangers of …

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…up. The process of growing, the sacrament of the naivete that only children posses, has completely ended for Wendla. That is something that can never be replaced, and it is also something for which one can never be forgiven. Knowledge is meant to be spread. Nobody is meant to be left ignorant of the world around them. This play shows that ignorance is the most powerful tool we have to aid in our own demise.