Analysis of The Kingdom of Matthias

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In order to understand the ramifications of Matthias’s formation of his kingdom, the social,financial, ethnic, and sexual conditions of the times must be realized as the catalysts that cause the cults to form. A whole series of evangelic congregations appeared in the early decades of the nineteenth century in order to serve the poor, the emotionally needy, those barred from the new prosperousness, hopefulness, forbearance, personal freedom and sensible thought of the business …

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…with many important people and events that have lasting legacies today. From Joseph Smith to Sojourner Truth, Matthias did not leave this world without making a profound affect on some important persons. Seeing how the Second Great Awakening was tied in with economic despair was very eye opening. The vulnerability of the impoverished, their susceptibility to strong vision and charisma is the real reason that cults will continue to pop up throughout the next millennium.