Analysis of Ted Hughes' "Last Night" & "That Girl".

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"The two jostled her, / Both trying to mount her simultaneously/ As she ran between them and under them/ Hurrying to nibble further." Ted Hughes describes the power of physical desire in both animals and human beings in "Last Night" and "That Girl". "Last Night" discusses the natural and inescapable need to mate in animals, while "That Girl" pokes fun at the consequences of satisfying these urges by means of casual sex. The structure of Hughes' "…

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…child. The theme of instinctual mating and the inevitable effects of procreating are discussed through the rams in Ted Hughes' poem, "Last Night", and symbolically through a nameless girl in "That Girl". Both contrast the young ages of the rams, and the girls, with the maturity level to which they act upon. Ted Hughes' utilization of distinct setting, enhance the descriptive tone and its shifts towards satirizing to evoke a similar attitude from the reader.