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Macbeth Macbeth is an epic tale of tradgedy which has continued to awe readers throughout the centuries since its completion. Poetic brilliance inspired William Shakespeare to write a play about ambition, greed, and treachery, all of which was based on historical accuracy. Centering around the actual character, Macbeth, the play portrays the latter half of his life, from his betrayal of King Duncan all the way to his own demise. Macbeth was supposedly not an …

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…the theatrical performance, Macbeth's inability to accept reality slowly tears apart all that he holds to be true, and eventually destroys him. Though narrow-mindedness rarely is the cause of self-destruction, it can be very harmful. Being intolerant and bold can easily lead to awkward situations, not to mention a lack of any meaningful relationships. So in the end, having an open mind can allow one to have a fuller life along with more intersting experiences.