Analysis of Exiles by Carolyn Kay Steedman

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First impressions of Steedman's "Exiles" left me feeling as if the woman had a lot of sour grapes to deal with. The overall flavor of the piece leans toward the negative, the cynical and sometimes even the sarcastic. She seems particularly critical of her parents, who probably did their best with what they had, but nowhere do we see much in the way of compassionate empathy on her part. The title she chose for the …

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…in to the base and deplorable. This piece was about name-calling. It was a carefully veiled attempt on the part of the writer to shield her malicious intentions toward her parents with cultural witticisms and academic prowess. I wasn't fooled. Anyone who cannot afford to grant their parents just a little bit of slack, or perhaps even a little bit of gentle humor for the tough times they went through really hasn't grown up yet.