Analysis of English Only Law Essay-Pro vs. Con

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Analyis Of English Only Law Essays -- Pro Vs Con Let's play a game of "WHAT IF?" However, instead of using childish concerns as the focus of our game, let us concentrate on socio-politcal issues. As a matter of fact, we have been playing a game of "WHAT IF?" throughout the entire semester. For instance, WHAT would have happened IF the constitutional congress had not merged the Virginia Plan and the New Jersey Plan? Or, …

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…reader has to wonder if the author has his tongue planted firmly in his cheek. Germans are brought up yet again as Stalker uses them to illustrate his next example - the utility of English. Germans have picked up English over the years because it is useful to them, which Stalker feels that immigrants to America will also see the usefullness of English, especially if it keeps them from being deported back to their homelands.