Analysis and evaluation of Naturalism

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Naturalism is such a powerful and influential system, and metaphysical is very popularly in the twentieth century. So, it makes Christian became a big enemy in the worldview of Naturalism. In the Naturalism worldview, the naturalists believe that all life thing, such as human, animals, and plants are in the sealed box, and everything that happens are also inside the box. There are nothing happens outside the box, it also includes God. However, there are …

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…Bible is happened in the long time ago. So, it may be lack of the actual between long times ago until now. So, this is why I say Christian worldview and the Naturalism worldview is difficult to explain which is truth. It is because no body can directly and clearly to claim that where is human from. So, I think that Christian will be an enemy to Naturalism worldview until the answer will be find.