Analysis: The Tortilla Curtain

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Fan, Pui-Fan Ewrt 2 Paper #4 (draft) 08/04/98 Economic Fear "Although we are proud to be a nation of immigrants, Americans have never really been comfortable with foreign newcomers" ("New Myths and Old Realities"). In The Tortilla Curtain, Boyle implies that the main cause of racism is white people believe that the large number of new immigrants are completing for scarce jobs and draining social service funds in the society. In the whites' view, the social status of …

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…overtly and covertly. Delaney and his neighbors have changed from some overt racists into some inferential racists. As Delaney and his white neighborhood tried to keep the Mexicans out of their community, they build a gate and fence as the meaning of segregation from the Mexicans. The wall that keeps away the coyotes and the illegal immigrants in The Tortilla Curtain is similar to a boundary that separates Mexico from the United States. ------------------------------------------------------------------------ **Bibliography**