"Analyse the impact of globalisation in EITHER a country OR a region of your choice." I chose London, England.

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ABSTRACT Choosing a country to focus this question on was difficult and, having examined Less Economically Developed Economics within the first essay, I decided to focus on a Western Country and the impact of globalisation on an already very industrialised civilisation. It was difficult to decide between looking at the impact of globalisation on London or New York especially with the current climate in the USA after September 11th. Although New York is currently very …

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…Edition, Oxford University Press, Canada, 2001. Articles US Travel Conference 1995 held in Atlanta, the transcripts (available on letter request). Globalisation and Citizenship by John Urry. Globalisation (Lecture one)- Professor Anthony Giddens. Web Site References www.xrefer.com Definitions of Political terms. www.umanitoba.ca/faculties/arts/gpe- ?Why Study GPE?? www.london.gov.uk ?Lord Mayor web-site. www.ifg.org ?World Trade Organisation Site. www.flag.blackened.net ?Anarchist Site. www.ketupa.net ?footnote number 8.