An overview of "Suffer the Little Children" by Stephen King.

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For my midterm short story review, the two stories I chose to read were: 1. O. Henry's, The Ransom of Red Chief (because I was in the play version of the story in high school) and 2. Stephen King's, Suffer the Little Children (because I really like Stephen King). The one I chose to write about however was the second one. The plot starts out with a third grade teacher named Miss Sidley. King in the first …

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…suffered with this teacher, the children made their teacher suffer, the children being killed suffering, the children in the class that didn't die, and their suffering. No one (well, except for hopefully King himself) knows the answers to these numerous questions. But I think this is why people read stories. They want to make their own assumptions and interpretations of a writers work. I think this is the beauty of writing a piece of literature.