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In 1994, the Wisconsinn state school board initiated a plan that made the school year a 12 month school year. In 1997, the California state school board initiated a 12 month school year that sent children to school for a full year, without breaks. Both of these states then took a statistical poll to find out how well the studens were learning compared to schools with a normal 9 month schedule. Both states had come to find out that student …

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…increased four fold due to tired and irritated gang members and leaders. So much, in fact, that police were called in constantly, disturbing the teaching and learning of other classes in session. After one year of said schooling, both, Cal state and Wisconsinn state, school boards resended the policy of year round schooling. In 1998, both school boards did another statistical poll and found out that more students were learning and participating, thus furthering their education.