An essay on Jonathan Edward's speech "Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God."

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Many, and most, religious people believe that God protects them, and that by being religious they are "saved." In Jonathan Edwards' legendary sermon, that lasted six hours long, we get just the opposite impression. The church-goers of Enfield, Connecticut received quite a shock on July 8, 1741 when Edwards began preaching his monstrous oration. They were told stories of pure, extreme horror, and some even suffered from heart attacks or fainted from their terror. Edwards uses fear, …

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…sends waves of terror through his crowd, and most likely induced many conversions and repentances within his church. Perhaps the reason this sermon is so famous and still read or heard today is because some people use it as a reminder that no matter what, religious or not, being a good person and not sinning is a good thing, and should not be forgotten. Perchance by following this philosophy, we can all "awake and fly."