An essay in retrospect to the novel Childhood's end

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All through history humans have rebelled against authority and overthrown their leaders whom they did not approve of. People do not readily accept others as their rulers, especially when they did not elect those rulers themselves. Some examples of this date back to the revolutionary war when the 13 colonies rebelled against their mother country of Great Britain. To the 13 colonies Britain probably seemed invincible. But the colonies rebelled anyway despite the great overwhelming power that …

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…overlords. And therefore they must be the generation that is led by Jan Rodricks to overthrow the overlords. Humans can only be suppressed for so long before they rebel. Jan Rodricks is the one who will lead the human race to overthrow the rulers of the earth. This is shown throughout history, and is also foreshadowed in the book. The overlords, who apparently had good intentions, will not be ruling the earth for much longer.