An article on the AIDS epidemic in Africa

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AIDs in Africa *5.4 million new AIDS infections in 1999, 4 million of them in Africa *2.8 million dead of AIDS in 1999, 85 percent in Africa *13.2 children orphaned by AIDS, 12.1 million in Africa These are just some of the frightening statistics on the AIDS epidemic in Africa. This disease is sweeping across Africa like the plague in the Middle Ages. Many people in Africa refuse to believe or accept the fact that AIDS is real and is spreading rapidly in …

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…year old girls to become infected. Human bodies are not the only thing suffering in this AIDS problem, businesses are also suffering too. The American Foundation for AIDS Research found that 80 percent of those dying are between ages 20 and 50, workers in their prime. This causes a lack of productiveness that these nations need. AIDS is a horrible disease which has plagued Africa, with limited resources, it may be trapped for an even longer ride ahead.