An argumentative essay about the changing woman and the history of women.

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Argumentative essay Times have changed significantly. Many of the morals, values, beliefs, and ideas that were once enforced strongly, have now been tossed out the window. The idea of how things should be and how individuals go about their lives is completely opposite of what it once was. Women fought long and hard over the years to establish the degree of respect they receive today. Through pain, struggle, tears, and failure, women reached the ultimate …

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…it first came out. I'm sure I would've found it disgusting if I lived back in that era. All in all, I think that gender-weighting the reading list was necessary in agreement with the time period we are exploring. It is fun to read about things that were important at the time. It doesn't matter if there are no women included in our reading if their work is not going to benefit our learning experience.